Friday, August 4, 2017

Aura 2 Not Done After All

Well it's not finished after all. As per usual, the overall design was really wrong - even though I thought it was finished. So I've redesigned it and there's more to do. I think the general plan is now ok. 

More circles

I am trying another circle abstract. My colour choice is unusual. Mike took one look and said "whew!" The good thing about acrylics is that I can completely change it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ready to varnish

I think I am ready to call this picture done. I would like it to look a bit smoother and cleaner but I don't think I can achieve that with more paint. The basic design works and it is probably the boldest thing I have ever done. Now I need to finish it up. I'm hoping a few layers of varnish will do the trick. I could put a bit of transparent colour in the varnish making it a glaze.  But I don't want to loose the whiteness which is what I remember most from the aura. I did not see thus many colours and of course it unfolded over time starting with the centre bit and then fading outwards so it was never this complex. I will put some jewels on it. Dine for today.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Did it

Did it and it seems right.  The centre aura is back being the focus because everything points to it. You can be distracted by the pink but then your eye veers back. Tomorrow I will varnish it. I love acrylics! I'm thinking of making it shock.

Now it's a SHOCK

I've been working on my migraine aura #2 painting for more than a week. I hope it's nearly done. The white edges are sharp and clean. The colours are pretty nice. There isn't onepstch that is subtle at this point. It is pure brash. There may be too much pink in the bottom left. It has become too much of a focal point. It either has to be reduced and darkened or spread upwards on the left and right. I think the windows on an angle have to go. They are the main distraction but without them it will be boring. So time to quit.  Or more pink windows on the bottom right and mid left. Now I see a computer keyboard - 2 computer keyboards. If the big one goes that would make room for big black exploding bit. That might work. Definitely worth trying more windows and only one keyboard.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Migraine aura 2

I saw a migraine aura after my oral surgery on Saturday. It was different than previous ones - not round but very sharp and jagged and scintillating. Only lasted about 20 minutes before it soread out ans disappeared. So I am trying to paint it in three phases together - the start in the centre. The edges as they spread out and then tiny remnants.  You can actually see the aura with your eyes open or closed AND WHEN your eyes are open you can see through it. I am not doing that as I think it would look like a hole in the windshield.  Here it is so far

Friday, July 14, 2017

Back to Henry

I have been working on my portrait of Henry for hundreds of hours  Every once in a while I think I've got it. But it hangs in the hall outside my bathroom door and after awhile I realize it is just not working. So every once in awhile I try again. Here is my most recent attempt and this time I am really hopeful. I have changed everything. The face took the most work - I completely gessoed it out and redid everything. But it's still not right.  I think this is because he was excitedly looking above his head in the original but I didn't paint him that way because I didn't think it was flattering. Maybe I will give it a try and a simple too.