Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dilemma #1

I think this painting is finished except for edges and final matte finish. I am very happy with colours and pretty happy with the design. I will take it to my class in Ladysmith tomorrow to see if Dennis has any useful comments. My idea (from Dennis) is to take on piece of it and make the next one and thus creste a series. The only parts that look possible right now are the magenta rectangle and the textured bit. Oh maybe the red and white squares next to the magenta rectangle. Also green leafy bit in the middle. Don't really know how to do this - that will be my aim for tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Checkerboards

This is a painting I was working on before we went on our 10 day RV trip.I am not sure what to do next.It is helpful to look at a photo of it to get new ideas. What I am seeing in this photos is that there are too many white "zebra" stripes. They were actually supposed to be abstract foxgloves - depicting the struggle for order (checkerboards) in chaos in a garden. They are not bad on the left side - maybe even to the claw  is sort of OK. I think I will paint white over the whole main one so that I can then paint it pthalo green again and do some texturizing, The yellow post-its are a perfect colour. Somehow I have to make them work. Collage? Post-its as a collage might be a little edgy.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

What Eve Saw

Mike and Lexy - now with some abstract touches including checkerboarding and stronger drips. I think this is my best painting to date. I might change the name to "What Eve Saw" to indicate that Mike's hand is a bit like God touching Adam and the red leash is a bit like the serpent. Got these ideas at the optomitrist. Why not!

Gardeners Dilemma

I have started a new abstract which I am calling  Gardner's Dilemma. I started it when Henry and Charlie were here. So much green paint got squeezed out that I knew they could not use it all - so - although I hadn't intended to paint I slopped it on a waiting canvas and did a little scraping. I then added some blue and red.The yellow is actually oil pastels.

 I worked on it yesterday - adding some strange zebra like strips, changing the colour of the checkerboard, adding a blue square.

Today I had an idea. I thought it was depicting the conflict between the organic maybe chaotic green and blue bits and the imposed checkerboards. For some reason the red checkerboard reminded me of a red rose bush I had planted that was suddenly in bloom. The zebra bits reminded me first of flox and then of foxgloves. Foxgloves - those lovely self-sewn plants that enliven the garden but eventually have to be puled out. I had a theme. It is the gardener's dilemma of whether or not to allow all the wild growth that goes on in the garde n- at least in my wild garden.

To me a garden is imposed order on nature. I hope this picture ends up depicting the conflict between wild nature and imposed order. . Next step is to add some lovely yellowish green chaos on the left side and reduce the stripey look (or maybe not.) I tried to blog this on my phone but the photos would not download and the whole thing would not publish.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Time for a portrait

Awhile ago I decided that I would really improve my painting if I alternated between doing abstracts and doing portraits. Now I have finally started a portrait of Mike and Lexy. Here is my inspiration:

The difficulties with this photo are many. First - there is only part of Lexy showing. I had to cobble together some other photos to get her whole body. Then, because she is foreshortened, curved toward Mike, and extremely fluffy, she tends to look like a fat little pig in my drawings. Second - one of the most appealing features of the photo is the RV mat - especially the flag. I love it but I don't want it in te painting - at least that is how I feel right now. Third - Mike's head looks a bit too long. This is partly because his head is on the long side but mainly because of the angle.  I took this photos from inside our trailer - so up about 15 inches and looking down on the two of them.

The things I like about the photo are the longness of Mike's figure and the triangle it makes with Lexy. I particularly like the boots and the book. Best of all is the story of a person intently reading while, at the same time, patting his dog and making his dog so strangely contented. I have made the initial sketch and will put it up next time - it is on my phone.

The real challenge will be to incorporate my new knowledge from abstracts into a large complicated portrait. Colours - green, dark brown, beige, gold and maybe a drop of red somewhere.